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Garment Care

Here at SL Clothing Limited we go to lengths to ensure that all garments arrive in perfect condition. We want you to have a garment that will last a long time and give you great value for money. Once you have purchased your garment from us responsibility for maintaining quality is passed to you. More often than not any problem that does arise is as a result of faulty aftercare. Here are some of our tips and advice to keep our garments looking like new.


Through no fault of quality, pilling and bobbling can occur when fibres work loose if there is excessive friction on certain fabrics. A gentle brush usually resolves this issue. Do not overload your washing machine and please wash garments inside out.


Shrinkage is commonly caused by overheating in the washing machine or tumble dryer, particularly on 100% cotton garments. Always follow the washing instructions on the label. Do not wash or tumble dry at too high a temperature.


Ironing at temperatures that are too high can cause unsightly shine marks on matt fabrics. Man-made fibres are vulnerable to high heat. Turn down the iron, iron inside out or cover with a damp towel before ironing.

Colour Transfer-

The best advice is to wash like colours together and do not leave damp colours together for a long period of time.

Colour Fading-

Sunlight can be very destructive to garments and this damage is irreversible. Keep exposure to direct sunlight to a minimum whenever possible. On sunny days bring clothes in from your washing line as soon as possible, do not over dry. Always follow the washing guidelines provided on the garment label. Washing at the incorrect temperature, tumble drying a garment that should not be tumble dried, putting a dry clean only garment in the washing machine can also cause colour fading.


Protect garments against direct contact with chemicals such as bleaching agents in the wash, or perfume, hairsprays etc. When using perfume, hairsprays remove or protect garments when possible. This can lead to colour fading particularly on collars and shoulders of garments.

Accessories Breaking-

Zips, toggles, cords, pocket linings are all constructed for normal use. Extensive abuse of the garment, washing with sharp objects in pockets, work spaces with machinery and even the occasional case of brute force can result in the garment being damaged. Always check garment pockets prior to washing and wash with the zip pulled up.

Garment Testing-

If a fault is reported which you believe is not caused by faulty aftercare, the garment maybe need to undergo tests in order to resolve the cause of issue. If it is proved that the fault resulted from the aftercare, you may be charged for the testing carried out.
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